RMS 7th Grade Global Project 2k17

“WELL we’re trying to make a difference. WATER you doing?”

          This year for the 7th Grade Global Project Madison, Kelsey, and Holli chose to raise money for clean drinking water in Ethiopia. They chose this topic because they feel that clean water is needed for animals, bathing, crops, drinking, and cooking. It could also help multiple other problems that are not listed.

        The money collected for their cause will be going to The Water Project and The American Red Cross. The Water Project brings clean water through new or rehabbed wells, sand dams, rainwater catchment systems, and spring protections to schools, medical clinics, and villages. Meaning, they make sure that no insects or animals dirty the water so it is not contaminated.

        Madison, Kelsey, and Holli will be hosting many activities for the students to be a part of. They involve outdoor eating, homeroom competitions, and the selling of treats! The proceeds of this year’s RMS talent show will also go to the Global Project!

        Thank you to the student body for helping these girls accomplish their goal of clean drinking water for Ethiopians! We hope that this project will make a huge impact on the thirsty people in Ethiopia!


Visit The Water Project for more information about ways clean water can change the world.

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