Dixon Public Schools may be observing remote learning, but our Student Support Staff (counselors, social workers, nurses) are only an email away during these stressful times.  If you have social-emotional needs, health related questions, or are concerned about a friend who may need help, please email your counselor, social worker, or nurse.  Please provide your name and a phone number in case they need to call you back.  Below are the email addresses of our District counselors, social workers, and nurses.  They are available Monday through Friday with office hours from 8-9 a.m., 1-2 p.m., and 7-8 p.m.

 Counselors/Social Workers                                     

Theresa Sholders – Washington – tsholders@dps170.org      

Madeline Nettz – Washington - mnettz@dps170.org

Deanne Droege-Villegas – Jefferson – ddroege@dps170.org            

Michelle Spinden – Madison - mspinden@dps170.org

Eva Langloss – RMS – elangloss@dps170.org

Alecia Weigle – RMS – aweigle@dps170.org

Emily Lahman – RMS – elahman@dps170.org

Jennifer Morse – DHS - jmorse@dps170.org

Paula Durband – DHS – pdurband@dps170.org

Amy Ebert – DHS – aebert@dps170.org

Steve Hodson – DHS – shodson@dps170.org

Kathy Regnier-Bacidore – DHS - kregnierbacidore@dps170.org



Joyce Faivre – Washington – jfaivre@dps170.org

Amanda Costello – Jefferson – acostello@dps170.org

Courtney Forristall – Madison – cforristall@dps170.org

Cynthia Hoyle – RMS – choyle@dps170.org

M. Chris Pierce – DHS – cpierce@dps170.org

Barbara Wiese – DHS – bwiese@dps170.org

Sherry Hafer – District Nurse – shafer@dps170.org