Image of school lockers

May 11th 7:30-3:00

In order to allow for students to pick up personal items from their hallway, P.E., or Band lockers. Reagan Middle School has created the following plan. We thank you for your cooperation with the following protocols:

Door #11

· Please bring any athletic uniforms, library and/or classroom books to return.

· Turn in April 22-May 11 - Learning Packet

· Provide student name / grade to staff – indicate if picking up Art/Band materials or Prescription medication from Nurse

· Pick up May 12-May 26 - Learning Packet

· Proceed to crosswalk at Door #8 to pick up belongings

Door #8

· Wait in vehicle

· Items from school / PE locker, Band and Art will be brought to you

· Be patient

After May 11th Door #1 – 7:30-3:00 (Monday through Friday)

(April 22 - May 11 Packet) Turn In (May 12 – May 26 Packet) Pick Up

Pick up locker belongings by appointment only. Please call (815)253-4996 or email: or

May 26th Door #21 7:30-3:00 (Curbside)

(After May 26th – Door #1 – 7:30-3:00 (Monday through Friday)

(May 12 – May 26 Packet) Turn In

Athletic Uniform/Library Book/School Book Drop Off /

Yearbook Pick Up / 8th Grade Fieldtrip $ Returned

Rented Chromebook Returns

Drop off Map